About The Appfrica Fund

The Appfrica Fund is designed to discover, fund, and help scale Africa's brightest startup companies and social enterprises. We offer up $10,000 in funding and other resources under favorable terms. Our program is Pan-African, servicing innovators from across the African continent.

How We're Doing

To date we've funded over 20 ventures, across 16 Sub-Saharan countries. While our own contributions are small, we've been able to help each company raise (on average) over $90,000 in follow-on funding for a total of nearly $1 million for the portfolio. Often either we or our partners play a direct role in helping our participants get additional funding, other times its through their own hard-work and hustle. One thing remains constant, we're always thrilled to play the supporting role in their progress.

Some recent happenings across our portfolio: iCow Launches Partnership with Safaricom, Minishop Raises $328,000 USD, SliceBiz Goes to the G8 Innovation Conference, Farmerline Rocks SOCAP 2013

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